New to the Desert Experience? Or have you visited the desert already and wanted to know something more about your environment? Maybe you need a handbook! Not just for one trail, or one desert. You need...


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The Ultimate Desert Handbook is packed with all kinds of useful information, no matter what your interest:

    Desert History and Civilization
    Nature Lovers
    Rock Climbing
    Car Camping
    Desert Wildlife and Landscape Photography
    Day Hiking
    Wilderness Survival
    International Travel
    Mountain Biking
In one volume, the Ultimate Desert Handbook provides all the information you need to explore and enjoy the desert, safely!

The Ultimate Desert Handbook©
Johnson, Mark
US$16.95 Stock No. HTU472 ISBN 007139303X

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Here’s only some of what’s waiting for you inside this comprehensive and detailed desert guidebook:

    Detailed information on the plants, animals, and history of the North American Desert

    Desert Travel Abroad and complete descriptions of the World’s Great Deserts

    Proper Desert Backpacking Gear and Equipment

    Hiking Tips for all sorts of desert terrain, and WHY it’s important to you

    Navigating remote desert, using everything from sun and stars to detailed use of compass, map, and the Global Positioning System

    Desert Camping ‘How-to’ advice from an expert

    Water collection, storage, and treatment methods – from ancient times to the newest

    21st century technology on the market!

    Snakebite - how to avoid it and perform first aid treatment if needed

    Survival in the world’s deserts, including finding water, emergency navigation and position-finding techniques, and protection from all manner of desert hazards

    Taking great photographs in desert light – Using film and digital technology in the desert

    Transport preparation, maintenance, and driving techniques – from camels to 4WD vehicles

    Desert Mountain Biking – Equipment, technique, and making your first desert ride a great experience

    Wildlife Observation – How to maximize your opportunities for viewing desert wildlife